The Board Room Blog – Thinking Like a Trustees and Seating Reconfigurations

Boardroom provides news, insights and exclusive perspectives on how executives, athletes and musicians are pushing the business world forward. From emerging leagues, innovative technologies and industry trends to the top players, we provide the information you must be aware of to keep ahead of the curve.

Our Model Boardroom Series is an interactive and accessible way to learn about trusteeship and build governance skills. The blog podcast, the blog, and the Digital Hub course will help you develop your governance skills and think like a trustee. You will also be confident when attending your next board meeting.

Explore various seating configurations to optimize meetings. From theatre-style, classroom to U-shape, learn about different ways to seat your audience for the best results.

These examples were automatically taken from various online sources to show the current usage of the word ‘boardroom.’ Learn the full meaning of boardroom in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary.

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